• 1993 - The beginning of plastic welding.
  • 2000 - First start of automatic welding system.
  • 2003 - Beginning of custom production of PP pools.
  • 2006 - Establishment of the CENTRAL-POOL® brand and the start of exporting premium pools to the world.
  • 2015 - Launch of the first automatic CNC machine.
  • 2019 - Purchase of land for a new 20,000 m2 production hall.
  • 2020 - Sales of more than 500 customized pools per year.
  • 2023 - Company anniversary - 30 years since the start of plastic welding.
A selection of pools in the Central-pool store
Central-pool worker working at the pool


The high quality of our products is ensured by state-of-the-art technological equipment and skilled craftsmanship. We follow current trends and offer our customers the latest technology. The individual approach and superior customer service are confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers not only throughout Europe.

Innovation and responsibility
for the planet

We place emphasis on innovation and sustainability. We are proud to install revolutionary technology in our pools that is not just about fun and relaxation, but also about saving energy. Thanks to advanced systems and intelligent inverter solutions, we are able to achieve up to 80% energy savings compared to conventional pool technology.

We don't forget about the environment. All leftover materials are recycled and further processed for use in other fields of human activity. This makes us a 97% waste-free company.
Pavel Šponar


As a boy of about eight years old I was already present at my father's production of plastic tanks and air-conditioning systems in his former job at the glass grinding plant. There, my father was also in charge of the so-called glass polishing, which took place in vats of acid. He made these vats himself by welding PVC plates. After the revolution there was an opportunity to buy the welding machine. My father had it at home hidden in the cellar and one day a colleague from work who delivered wrecked cars came to him and asked him if he would weld a bumper for him. That was the very garage beginning of our plastic welding, 1990. My father tried it, it was successful and it made a big splash and then gradually everyone, not only the surrounding car builders, supplied him. I still have the old welder in my office and I plan to make a small museum in the new place. This would not be the only exhibit.

When I came home from the army, my dad and I used to do it together on evenings and weekends. I then got my JL (1994) and it was in the garage for another two years before neighborhood envy chipped away. Then I moved to bigger premises, where the production of various products from boards started, especially air conditioning for agriculture, septic tanks, cesspools, water meter shafts, etc.   In 2003 the first swimming pool was produced and in 2006 the export started. At that time the CENTRAL-POOL brand was created. Since then we have grown rapidly, sometimes by up to 200% per year. 2007 I founded Centralplast. In 2013 we moved to our current premises in HK and gradually we became one of the most important Czech manufactories for plastic pools.

Since 2015, we have been participating in international exhibitions in Cologne. Over 90% of our production goes abroad, especially to Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. Interestingly, this winter we will also be delivering and assembling pools on site in the Bahamas.


I relax by listening to the hardest strains of metal on my way home from work. You wouldn't believe how it helps to switch from the role of a CEO to that of a husband, father, son or friend in 25 minutes of driving. I can't imagine walking home just around the corner and having to switch to a completely different role in 5 minutes.
Probably my biggest hobby is traveling and the associated hiking in the countryside, as well as sightseeing and sightseeing. I try to ski in the Alps a few times in the winter and mountain bike in the summer. I also definitely consider going to music festivals and concerts to be relaxing.

Pavel Šponar
Pavel Šponar, CEO of Centralpool s.r.o.


CENTRALPLAST is more than just a work environment, we are a family and a well-coordinated team of 60. At the very beginning, a father and son with a vision to create an environment where work is not just about duties, but about shared goals and the joy of a job well done. The CENTRAL-POOL® pools, designed and constructed down to the last detail, are proof of this.


We are currently working on the implementation of an ambitious new 20,000 m2 production hall project. Our vision is clear! We are creating a space that will not only meet the highest standards of production and industrial design, but also become a model for environmentally sustainable business.

This new generation of production hall is based on the principle of environmental respect and energy self-sufficiency. It uses modern technology and innovative processes that minimize our ecological footprint. Solar panels on the roof will generate clean energy to power our machines and systems. The use of advanced energy management systems will ensure maximum efficiency and minimise waste. The work environment is designed to minimize water and energy consumption while providing ideal conditions for our employees. Self-sufficiency is a key pillar of our project. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of our family business and contributing to a better and more environmentally friendly future.


We are proud of our growing network of collaborating B2B partners all over the world. Our collaboration focuses on architects and construction companies who share our values and passion for quality and innovative projects. We work with architects to create modern and functional designs that perfectly meet the needs of our clients. We are open to new ideas and work together to find the optimal solution for each unique project. Construction companies are key partners for us in the implementation of our projects. We also work together to create homes that embody modern architecture, functionality and comfort. We also collaborate on larger development projects that bring new possibilities and change to the construction industry.

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