Innovation, Quality
and Durability 

Our company specializes in the manufacture of plastic boats that combine modern technology with years of experience in the industry. Plastic boats represent a revolutionary solution in the shipping industry, offering exceptional durability, low maintenance and excellent value for money. 

Visualisation of a plastic boat on the water



Visualisation of the bow of a plastic boat on the water

Resistance and Durability

Your boat will remain in perfect condition even after many years of intensive use. 

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional materials, plastic boats do not require complicated maintenance. They are easy to clean and not prone to rot or corrosion.

Environmental Sustainability

Our boats are made from recyclable materials and the manufacturing process minimizes waste and negative environmental impact. 

Easy Handling

Due to their light weight, our boats are easily portable and handling is simple even for individuals. 

Moving the plastic boat



Are you ready to take to the water with your new boat? Contact us for more information and to find out how we can help you make your dreams come true. 

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