Plastics are increasingly used in various industrial sectors. The main advantages of plastic air duct systems include their long service life and the guarantee of chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, aggressive fumes and air with high humidity. We provide this guarantee to our customers by using only premium materials from the world's leading manufacturers. 

Production of construction for air conditioning
Comprehensive HVAC solutions

The smooth inner surface of the ductwork allows a smooth air flow even at higher operating speeds. Plastic ducts have lower overall resistance and less noise compared to metal ducts, without the risk of vibration. 

Plastic ducting is most commonly used in the chemical, food, mechanical and electrical industries. It is also widely used in plants specialised in metal finishing, such as electroplating and painting plants, as well as in waterworks such as sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, swimming pools, whirlpool baths, etc. 

The air piping is connected either with throats (tight, not disassembled, less space requirements) or with flanges (bolted joints allowing disassembly).

Use of air handling systems for WWTP containers


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