COUNTRY: Czech Republic 
TYPE: Skimmer
COLOUR: White  
DIMENSION: 8 000 x 3 500 x 1 500 mm 

STAIRS: Side with bench and integrated roller shutter shaft 


When we were choosing a CENTRAL-POOL® pool, we were deciding between an overflow pool and a skimmer pool. As we have young children, safety was a consideration for us.  

We really liked the roller cover option, which is more cost-effective. Therefore, we opted for a skimmer pool, which is a cheaper option and in conjunction with the slatted cover makes a perfect pair for our garden.

"One of the things that makes us the happiest is the wide bench. Our children love to use it for playing. What I appreciate most is the opportunity to refresh myself while not having to swim. I often read here or enjoy a drink. Sunbathing on this bench is also great!"
Veronika H.
"The kids still don't understand where the blind disappears to when the pool is opened. The integrated bench shaft option is just magical. The only thing you have to watch out for when closing the roller shutter is that no one must be in the pool'"
Pavel H.

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