COUNTRY: Netherlands 
TYPE: Overflow Exclusive  
COLOUR: Anthracite 
DIMENSION: 8 500 x 3 500 x 1 400 mm 
STAIRS: Side with bench and integrated roller shutter 

Luxury pool packed with
modern technology

The realization of our house was a great challenge from the beginning, if only because of the modern technology used. Everything is controlled via a smart home. We were looking for a company in the area that could supply us with a pool with this technology. We finally managed to find a company and we also found out that the Czech pool manufacturer CENTRAL-POOL® allows you to configure the pool according to your wishes. Therefore, we decided to opt for an unconventional overflow pool solution with the Exclusive variant. In a word, we love this design! The entire water surface creates a water mirror effect. 

The clean and simple lines of this solution give the pool a truly modern feel. We also like the fact that the overflow gutters are hidden directly under the surrounding tiles. We also chose an anthracite colour for our pool, which creates an interesting colour shade for the water. In short, we wanted to be different from the others and we did that. Thank you CENTRAL-POOL® for the smooth cooperation. 

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