COUNTRY: Belgium 
TYPE: Skimmer  
DIMENSION: 10 000 x 3 500 x 1 500 mm 
STAIRS: Side with bench and integrated roller shutter shaft 

We have long wanted a larger
pool in our own garden

We love to travel with our family. Unfortunately, this was not possible during the Covid-19 pandemic, so the decision was made to get our own pool. Honestly, as inexperienced people, we were scared of the whole event. That is why we looked for a partner company from our town that installs CENTRAL-POOL® pools. We didn't have big requirements for the technology, we wanted a longer saltwater pool that we could swim in well.

I am very happy that I chose CENTRAL-POOL® brand. The cooperation was without a single problem and the investment in my own pool was worth it. Now we are no longer dependent on the sea and can enjoy water fun with family and friends.

"I still remember how terrified I was at the sight of the huge hole in our garden. However, I trusted the professionalism of the company that carried out the work. One fine day, a huge truck from the Czech Republic arrived on time with a CENTRAL-POOL® pool. It was a fantasy. The pool was bigger than I could have imagined."
Jens P.

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